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Orphans - Jacob Ingo

About Book


Over the past eight years, I’ve had an idea. Throughout that time, I had wanted to put it all on paper, and to share it with the world.

None of that could have ever been possible without the help of my loving family, and the support of my long-time friends, and co-workers. To Caleb, Amaya, Ethan, Sophie, Laryssa, and my mother and father, Melinda and Sam, this story is in dedication and love to you all! To Dalton, Dyllan, Ryan, and Jourdan, thank you all for sticking with me after all these years, and believing that I could accomplish the impossible.

To my fellow co-workers at the Shamrock Brewing Co., thank you all for the hopes of this coming into the world. And finally, to Paul Harper, and his astounding team at Direct Amazon Publishing, thank you all for your hard work into making this dream, become a reality.